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Agh i am so soo very grateful i came across your existence from searching #costarica tags! i live in the us & am moving there in a month. i will be staying at hostels until i stumble upon a like-minded bunch (i'm rambling) any how, you know someones light is uncommonly radiant when you can feel their warmth via pictures! if you don't happen to mine, I was just curious as to what area you were in, & how you felt about your experience. Keep up those beautiful vibrations <3 Namaste sweet child

I stayed in Dominical for just over two weeks.  It’s a beautiful little surf town on the Pacific coast.  I’ve also enjoyed Montezuma and Monteverde. :)

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Are you still in Costa Rica?

Just arrived hohm yestereve, but I’ll be back in December.

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This little boy graced us with so many kisses and a happy dance when we arrived late last night. 🐺🐾 #reunited #anditfeelssogood #muktibutt #woofnchirp #phamily
“When I accept myself,
I am freed from the burden
of needing you to accept me.” ~ SteveMaraboli #danyasaimmersion #livingartfully #selflove2014
Last sunset in Dominical. 🌅

Freelovemovement’s Mix #3: On the road again…
My third playlist is a compilation of songs perfect for a road trip! Hope you all enjoy! Message me for any ideas for my next playlist here and just general feedback will be much appreciated! Hope you petals are having an amazing week, love you all xx
A Heartbreak - Angus and Julia Stone
Fever - The Black Keys
Young Again - Young Liars
Honey - Swim Deep
Hotel - The Antlers
Always This Late - Odesza
Gold Snafu - Sticky Fingers
Luna - Bombay Bicycle Club
Resolution - Matt Corby
Sometimes - Miami Horror
Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Elephant - Tame Impala
Heart Out - The 1975
I can&#8217;t even put into words what I&#8217;ve learned in the past two weeks. I was never taught empowerment nor how to live as an empowered being.  I never knew that it was available to everyone.  I never experienced that as a child nor did I live in a thriving environment that encouraged it. The human experience is quite fascinating; how we all go through similar cycles at different times or not at all. Two words that come to mind are inspiration and gratitude. The last two weeks has been more than a bodily detox, it&#8217;s been a vigorous shaking out of the cobwebs that fester within the integral facets of my mind, a rewiring of the path my consciousness takes, averting the forlorn, bleak expansion of self doubt, nothingness and instead routing the connections towards the light, towards the more-ness, choosing to be happy. There were definite moments where I had to put myself out there and allow my true self to be heard. I believe by doing so, by putting yourself into uncomfortable situations, it can allow for a therapeutic release. This of course is situational. Self realization is a powerful thing to experience and witness. It&#8217;s woeful that many won&#8217;t even see a glimmer of it in their lifetime.  I tasted it, a small spoonful of it which excites me for more, reaffirming the path I&#8217;m on.  We all start somewhere. And this is something else I realized: it doesn&#8217;t matter where we are on this path, we all have something to offer, something that somebody else can learn from. If we constantly compare and criticize ourselves we&#8217;ll never escape the nothingness, we&#8217;ll never see progress. What I speak of is bigger than us; our planet, this universe, our existence needs us to step into ourselves and live with the highest awareness we can embody. How can my actions serve the greater good?  I&#8217;m going to marinate in everything I&#8217;ve learned these past two weeks and allow the crystallization of these teachings to kaleidoscope outwards. It&#8217;s written in me to share this knowledge.  I know this will take time and that was a big lesson for me.  No more pressuring myself. No more putting myself down. I am consciously choosing to drop the doubt, to ignore the little voice hiding in the shadows of my mind, whom maliciously laughs with glee every time I fall into conditioned patterning, my own demise.  Life would not feel lived if I chose to stay, if I chose to give in and remain comfortable, wrapped in familiarity.  I do believe that more than ever, the world we live in is desperately calling out for these teachings, perhaps on a subconscious level.  It all starts with one thought, one taste or glimpse of that luminous thread that there is more out there. It all starts with you. And for this awareness, I am grateful.
Mermaids in a lagoon. 🌊🌺🐚 @izzyaroundtheworld you are such a gorgeous, luminous light. Keep shinin&#8217; seastar. ✨🙌 #danyasaimmersion
“We waste so many days waiting for weekend. So many nights wanting morning. Our lust for future comfort is the biggest thief of life.” ~ Joshua Glenn Clark 🌙 (at Danyasa)