Day 1 of #aimtruechallenge with the #aimtruecrew. What pose empowers me?  Definitely #Sirsasana. Early on in my practice, I hadn’t learned the proper alignment in the asana and thus injured my neck badly. I couldn’t move it for a month without pain. Young & without health insurance, I was so frightened. I mean, this is my spine I’m dealing with, not a sore ankle or what have you. My good friend helped me through this experience with suggesting amping up my magnesium intake, soaking it in Epsom salt baths, and lots of massage/body work. I didn’t approach headstand for quite some time, several months. After learning more through my practice, I realized I hadn’t been engaging my shoulders and core enough. I’m glad to say this pose no longer terrifies me. It is quite humbling & empowering. #practicedaily #practicemindfully #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday